The Art of Acing the First Impression

The Art of Acing the First Impression

Your First Impression is Important

You’re ready to make a midlife career change or return to work after a career break. You attend a back to work program providing individual career transition coaching. There is a workshop agenda devoted to career transformation. You will learn how to enhance your skills and write that perfect changing careers resume. You know that your first impression is important. You’re ready to start except for that age-old question:

“What should I wear?”


The evidence is clear. Research shows first impressions solidify within the first 7 to 17 seconds of meeting. There is more, in a study of 2,000 managers, 33% knew within 30 seconds whether or not they were going to hire someone. Studies also prove that 55% of the time first impressions are based on what an individual wears, the way they act, and how he or she walks through the door. After all your image matters a great deal. What you wear, in particular, matters.

Your look should be current, polished, and appropriate for your field. This reflects the realities of today’s quickly changing job market. You are confident, skilled, and at the top of your game. Updating your wardrobe choices conveys to business professionals, executives, and the world you are a professional. It also conveys you are ready for a career. You will make a great first impression because you are prepared.

Relaunch Your Career at our Career Transformation Conference

If you are a mid-career professional looking for advice about how to spruce up your look as part of your career relaunch in time for your meeting with an executive search firm, a business networking event, or an interview, you are in luck. Our upcoming Career Transformation Conference features an executive stylist who offers valuable information and assistance to attendees.

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