Jump Start Your Career Transformation with LinkedIn

Jump Start Your Career Transformation with LinkedIn

Career Transformation Can Be Easy with LinkedIn

Are you an executive or business owner searching for a new career? Stuck in an uninspiring career and interested in a career change? You know an outstanding LinkedIn profile is a valuable way to accomplish your goals. Unlike a traditional changing careers resume, LinkedIn lets your personality shine through.

Understandably, an outstanding LinkedIn profile will:

  •      List your job experiences
  •      Enumerate your skills, qualifications, interests, and other credentials
  •      Highlight your personality

One of the best places you can distinguish yourself is in your summary. Carefully choosing key highlights from your profile and letting your personality shine through allows you to underscore your individual talents.

A great summary

A great summary tells a story like a trailer for a feature film. That is because your summary entices viewers to continue reading more detailed sections of your profile. It paints a picture of who you are. Your LinkedIn summary shows employers how to utilize your experience and expertise within their organization. A well-written summary should inspire human resources executives to call you for more information, even an interview. Because your profile is online, human resource executives or career coaches from executive search firms will be able to email you directly through the site quickly and easily.

Based on the keywords you use in your profile and how you direct your searches, you will additionally have access to many career counseling services and mid-career professionals to network with through the site to help you create a compelling profile. At Connect•Work•Thrive’s Career Transformation Conferences you will connect with career advisors who specializes in LinkedIn and its applications.

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