Motherhood: The Original IPO


After the birth of our second child, I chose to become a stay-at-home mom. Because I left the workforce during my prime earning years, I often reflect on my career vs. full-time motherhood decision.

When I decided to return to full-time paid employment, I faced surprising difficulty finding a conventional corporate job despite the skills I had maintained and sharpened while on earning hiatus. Hiring managers, HR personnel, and other decision makers seemed unable to see past the “motherhood” label to the valuable skills of an experienced, well-educated woman who had remained an active and contributing member of society. I simply had not been paid for my most recent contributions.

During those full-time motherhood years, I did what many moms do:

  • Educated my family. This strategic mission included hiring, negotiating, and paying schools, coaches, trainers, transportation, and finance providers, the way the purchasing department optimizes suppliers.
  • Started and ran after-school programs. These startups included a math team that honed the skills of the mathematical elite. The team also inspired confidence and enjoyment for the field among those for whom the subject seemed insurmountable — creating a unified team spirit.
  • Coordinated large groups of volunteers to raise funds for schools, health initiatives, and education programs, harnessing disparate energy into tangible results.
  • Balanced academic and extracurricular logistics of two students at different schools and one entrepreneurial spouse who traveled extensively, towards the goals of family dinners, vacations, and shared conversations, the way a band manager synchronizes a long term, multi-stop tour.
  • Managed contractors, architects, city planning departments, and a budget to rebuild our home, assuming the role of general contractor, the way a product manager creates a brand’s image, distribution, and packaging.
  • And most importantly, I gave the world two kind, contributing members of society, who I believe will make the world a better place — my personal Initial Public Offering.
My children, as adults

Julian and Alexis, ages 4 and 5

I proactively started Connect•Work•Thrive to empower professionals to make positive career transformations, including returning to the workforce after full-time motherhood and other career breaks.
My Children as Adults

Julian and Alexis, now 24 and


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