Connected Parent,
Connected Leader:
Creating Cultures of CARE at Home & Work

Kiran Gaind

You value your role as a parent. Understandably, you have legitimate worries about your family life once you return to work.

Don’t let fear, guilt, and the myth of 50/50 work-life balance hold you back.

During this workshop, Kiran presents brain science, mindfulness, connected parenting tools, and research to help working parents return to work while staying in balance and connected with family.

You will learn how to make a back-to-work plan that considers:

  • What your children need to be happy and successful,
  • What your relationships need to be mutually supportive,
  • What your household needs to run smoothly and, most importantly,
  • What YOU need!

We will discuss effective strategies and valuable resources that fit your goals for maintaining strong connections with family members while supporting a smooth career transition.

You will feel empowered and inspired!