Embrace Change: Find Your True North

Elise Pettus, MA
Sheilah Crowley

Sometimes it takes a life crisis to discover your greatest gifts are your own capacity for success.

Sheilah Crowley and Elise Pettus may have taken two very different roads to entrepreneurship but each credit major life crises as the hidden gift that propelled them into the most exciting work they’ve ever done.

Elise was a stay-at-home mom who found herself facing divorce, while Sheilah was a high level non-profit executive who experienced a sudden and life-changing health crisis.

During this compelling and inspiring workshop, Elise will relate the unusual adventure that helped her realize being at home raising kids was the best possible training for leadership.

Sheilah will share the hour that changed everything, her journey back to running her own company, and how personal rediscovery is the best form of professional development.