Why Work with Johanna Wise and
the Connect•Work•Thrive Team? 


Beth Severson

If I hadn’t found Johanna, I’d still be looking for a job.
Before meeting Johanna, I was struggling to make the right connections. I’d moved from the East Coast to a remote part of Oregon, so I found it physically impossible to build the kinds of connections I needed. Further, I didn’t have the necessary tools to improve my online image.

Johanna gave me incredible support and encouragement while teaching me the skills I needed to find a new job. She taught me to update my LinkedIn profile to include more professional content in an appealing format. She asked the right questions to move me through roadblocks. She shared her impressively broad network of high-quality contacts, one of whom became the company I’m working with today.

Johanna gives you the tools to accelerate your job search at any step. She helps you:
• Identify what you’re looking for.
• Search for positions.
• Land interviews.

I would recommend Johanna to anyone who:
• Has a gap or break in their career.
• Needs more connections to get the job they want.
• Is struggling to get hired.

I’m in a much better place since meeting Johanna, both financially and in terms of my happiness.
I find it incredibly fulfilling to return to the corporate world in a new and challenging position. Thanks to Johanna, I’m now at a director level, with the salary and benefits to match.

Working with Johanna was undoubtedly worth the time and cost! 
Since meeting her, my life has improved 100%. ~Beth Severson – Director, Project Management, Ipsos SMX, Long Beach, CA

David GallimoreI’m so grateful to Johanna Wise and my Connect-Work-Thrive accountability team!  After a series of unfortunate career and job choices, I lost my mojo. I was working at less than my full potential and was wallowing in a defeatist mindset.

Johanna‘s gifts are her deep listening, problem-solving and strategic mind, and a wealth of practical career and job strategies, tips, and tools. She has cultivated one of the largest networks I’ve ever seen. She is now a trusted advisor to so many of us that we all want to pay-it-forward to her next clients.

Johanna helped me find a better, senior-level job in just four months!

I recommend Johanna for either one-on-one career coaching or as part of one of her Connect-Work-Thrive accountability groups. She will help you get crystal clear about your passions, skills, and experiences. Johanna and others in her network will support you to FIND WORK YOU LOVE! ~David Gallimore – Vice President, Semeron Corp., Seattle, WA

NOTE: David was hired for the role of Senior Program Manager. During his first week of employment, he sent the following update: “Johanna’s negotiation tips worked!  I’m (promoted to) Vice President at Semeron Corp.”

Johanna has an innate ability to help people figure out their path. This ability is quite a talent as she matches folks of diverse backgrounds into small communicative groups to bounce ideas off of each other while she facilitates by asking leading questions and forcing introspection. Almost like a therapist, she gently encourages each person to find whatever it is that they love doing.

Johanna is also a valuable resource for helping foster connections among folks. Her small group workshops are detailed, well organized, and informative. She is available to talk and brainstorm at anytime.

Having attended her Values•Vision•Voice Small Group and Accountability Program, I left feeling confident with a newly-discovered direction! ~Walli Ann Wisniewski – Adjunct Instructor of Spanish, Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA

Karsten SheinJohanna is an outstanding career guide, coach, and mentor.

I participated in her Connect•Work•Thrive Program and found it to be exceedingly beneficial, both personally and professionally. I gained a great deal of insight about what is important in an online profile and in a resume, as well as the importance of growing and leveraging my network of connections. She was accessible and friendly, and her approach really prevented me from making the usual excuses that may have held me back in the past.

I unreservedly recommend Johanna as one who really knows what she’s doing and can help others achieve their professional goals. ~Karsten Shein – Director, Midwestern Regional Climate Center, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL

There are few people you meet and work with that restore your faith in humanity. Johanna offers unparalleled expertise in resetting a person’s mindset to visualize themselves landing the job of their dreams. I used her coaching services that allowed me to change my LinkedIn profile to show who I am instead of listing what I have done. She was instrumental in getting my current job and her ongoing support and advice was critical for me landing my future position, which I recently accepted. Nothing but praise for her. I consider Johanna a trusted friend. ~ Nick Voyvodich, SPHR – Director of HR, Salud Para La Gente, Watsonville, CA

I have found Johanna to be an invaluable resource in helping me craft my professional brand, and online presence. Her stellar LinkedIn and Career-Building expertise allowed me to polish my LinkedIn presence and networking skills. Her own network of colleagues is astounding, and if you are looking to find a new job or start a new career and need assistance, I highly recommend Johanna for one on one or group collaboration. Not only is she easy to communicate with, she has such a wealth of knowledge to share, and she is very flexible and generous with her time. It is obvious how she loves what she does and cares deeply about helping those she works with achieve their goals. I will definitely continue to consult with Johanna on career development whenever it is needed. ~ Cindi Olwell – Western Account Manager, Meister Media Worldwide, San Francisco, CA

StephanieI am certain that the root of Johanna’s exceptional entrepreneurial achievements is her profound desire to enable others to achieve their personal and professional visions. In working with Johanna’s Values•Vision•Voice™ Career Transformation System, I have benefited greatly not only from her often daring and fearless professional insights, but also from her deep and authentic personal investment in my reaching my goals. Even before we spoke, Johanna knew my entire C.V. better than I do. As she listened to me with laser-like focus, I could practically hear her rapid-fire brain click-click-clicking through her mental Rolodex™, identifying every possibly relevant contact for me. Thereafter, she followed up with personal introductions, highlighting my skills in a fashion tailored for the recipient.

I do want to speak, additionally, to another aspect of Johanna’s Connect•Work•Thrive, LLC. In her conceptualization of Connect•Work•Thrive, she recognized the unmet professional needs of a vast number of superbly talented people, people not knowing where to turn for genuinely expert advice. This was, to me, an act of service I respect enormously. Subsequently, Johanna has masterfully built Connect•Work•Thrive into an unparalleled career resource that provides multi-faceted career training and networking conferences that yield concrete results for her clients. In our frangible job market that has spawned a veritable industry of self-proclaimed, ineffectual “life coaches” and “leadership mentors,” Johanna and Connect•Work•Thrive are “the real deal,” the best. ~ Stephanie Jones – Social Justice Charity Founder, Denver, CO

I was astonished with Johanna’s expert knowledge, contacts, and creativity (not to mention tenacity) in solving a particularly difficult matter I was experiencing.

If you need a real tiger on your team, your search is over! 5 stars ~ Michael Cheponis, Expert Systems Engineer, Simplexity Product Development, San Jose, CA

Johanna’s nature is to connect and to assist. She has molded those talents into an important business called Connect•Work•Thrive. I recently attended a conference and have important information to share with others who might be considering networking with Connect•Work•Thrive.

After an extended career break where I ran my own companies and freelanced, I was ready to relaunch into the corporate world. I had done my research and started freelance beta testing with one company. I worked with them, and their proprietary software, which assists re-entry personnel, for 6-8 months. I learned a lot about my skill sets and how they were transferable into other fields, very valuable information. After many months, I found that I had made no important connections with leaders in the field I was most interested in pursuing. I felt at a standstill, although I was still educating myself.

Johanna noticed my activity on LinkedIn and contacted me directly. She suggested a 15 minute SKYPE meeting where she could assess my challenges, interests, and readiness to return. And most importantly, how she could assist me in meeting my goals. Her best question was, “What do you need from me?” When I explained that I needed connections to leaders in the direction I was focused, she immediately made some introductions. After introductions were made she strongly suggested that I attend an upcoming conference.

Getting out and networking professionally makes a huge difference and Johanna makes a point of surrounding herself with dynamic, top notch people. Most importantly, dynamic top notch people who are willing to assist others, not just collect a speaking fee or focus on their own self promotion. The conference went well, largely due to the huge effort that Johanna makes to link people, skills, and presentations with the team that she has built, to make all of that happen. Johanna’s people are assisting others and giving back while building their own exceptional network. The conference is a win/win, very supportive environment.

I am excited about my first meeting this week, with the Director of a team I am most interested in working with. I know that at the least, I will gain valuable knowledge and at most this will lead to a job I love. Best of all, I know Johanna and her team will be with me all through this process. For that I am most grateful. If you are asking yourself, “Is it worth doing?” I would suggest you say, “I’m worth the investment.” ~ Kimberly Daniel – Design Consultant, The Valley Economic Alliance, Los Angeles, CA

I enrolled in Johanna’s group course in 2019 when I was exploring career opportunities. Johanna and her course helped me to focus my interests, identify my talents, and pursue the best options for my next career move. Johanna reached out to her professional network and identified resources for me.

I recommend Johanna’s course and coaching services. ~ Elizabeth KoppleDirector, Channel Partnerships, Business Talent Group, Los Angeles, CA

Attending Johanna’s NYC Return-to-Work Summit was one of the most productive and impactful career moves I’ve ever made; I left incredibly inspired and armed with actionable, useful information.

Since then, she has worked with me in a one-on-one coaching setting to help me improve my LinkedIn profile, gain career clarity, and navigate opportunities. She is a trusted and valuable ally; additionally, she is a genuine pleasure to work with! ~ Melanie Flores – STEM Lead Coach, Easter Seals, Atlanta, GA

I was one of the industry experts at Johanna’s Return to Work You Love Conference and was delighted we made the time to be there. From the amazing quality of the speakers and resources available, to the top notch crowd that attended (and shared their experiences as well), this was simply an awesome event. Johanna and her team very much know what they’re doing, and I look forward to a long and productive relationship. ~ Charles Prael – Sr. Marketing Director at WFG, A Transamerica Financial Group Company, San Jose, CA

Johanna Wise is an engaging, energizing business professional whose deep experience in finance, investments, and marketing has translated beautifully into her Connect•Work•Thrive conferences. I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on entrepreneurship at one of her recent events where she was not only the organizer but an inspiring panelist. She is authentic in every word she speaks, and she cares profoundly for the success of her clients and guests. If you are looking for a galvanizing day where your career fire can be rekindled, seriously consider her “Return to Work You Love” conference when she next brings her networking expertise to your community. ~ Ken Goldstein – Media and Technology Executive, Los Angeles, CA

Return to Work You Love Conference is a dynamic opportunity for all participants involved. For attendees there is a wealth of resources from some very smart professionals. For vendors and speakers, it is a chance to connect with some amazing people and learn something valuable for themselves. Johanna Wise has put together a great 1-day conference that is jam-packed with practical information and inspiring ideas. She is a super connector, and I am very grateful that I had the chance to participate. I am looking forward to the next one! ~ Eric Miller – President, 3iBooks, Reno, NV

Marcia It is my pleasure to recommend Johanna Wise, CEO of Connect•Work•Thrive. Johanna is distinguished for her commitment to connect professionals in transition with resources to support moving from one role to another. Johanna is also an expert with networking modalities, and shares her knowledge with clients and colleagues alike. Recently I had the pleasure to be a guest presenter (Write Your Resume Like You Mean It: The Power of Action Verbs!) at a Connect•Work•Thrive workshop facilitated by Johanna. The event was well-organized and well-attended. Johanna also offers a tremendous amount of business development support to her workshop presenters and participants! I highly recommend attending and/or participating in a Connect•Work•Thrive event facilitated by Johanna. ~ Marcia Hancock – Right Management, The Job Search Advisor


Johanna is the consummate networker and connector. For people returning to work or making a career transition, she’s a fount of knowledge and expertise. Take a look at the conference speakers and programs she puts together and you will see that she brings together experts with just the right mix of skills to set people on course and to support them as they return to work. I have been working in the career transition field for many years and always find value in the programs she puts together. I highly recommend attending and reaching out to Johanna for great connections. ~ Laura Paradise – Paradise Coaching


There are some people who go the extra mile to help individuals succeed in life and after being invited to speak at Johanna Wise’s Connect Work Thrive Conference in San Mateo, I saw the profound effect she had on the conference attendees with her passion for change. Her events are filled with inspiration, tools and insights that every person in transition can use. This is the gift we all need to jump start new directions. ~ Jacqueline Wales – Leadership Engagement Solutions

KiranI was a speaker at Johanna’s Connect. Work. Thrive event and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, not only as a speaker, but as an attendee of the conference. It was very thoughtfully organized and had an intimate and community feel. I attend quite a few conferences annually, and this one stood out to me. The energy and feel of the experience were direct reflections of Johanna’s vision and ability to create quality connections with many people and bring them together to benefit members of the community. I was impressed and hope to be involved again in future!~ Kiran Gaind – Modern Parent Coach at The Connected Family

SandraJohanna sets up an extraordinarily well-run event. She is passionate about her goal for conference attendees to receive great value and the tools to change their lives/their professional direction. She works with all the conference presenters to ensure we deliver content that supports that goal. She also creates numerous opportunities for presenters to receive valuable opportunities to market and grow their businesses. It’s a win-win.~ Sandra Clark – Transforming LinkedIn Profiles for Results

StaceyI had the honor of serving as editorial director for Johanna’s latest return-to-work/career transformation summit held in New York City on March 31, 2016. Johanna created Connect•Work•Thrive LLC to guide mid-career professionals toward the successful, fulfilling careers they were meant to have. It goes without saying that Johanna is an innovator in her field. But what truly sets her apart is her genuine interest in seeing her conference attendees and private clients realize their goals, both personally and professionally. Her breadth of experience working for and alongside senior level executives at some of the country’s most recognized and highly regarded companies, coupled with her vast list of alumni and professional connections, make Johanna a valuable asset to anyone seeking to improve their career and find work they love. I look forward to collaborating with Johanna on future projects and am proud to call her a mentor, colleague, and friend. ~ Stacey Freeman, J.D. – C is for Content Marketing, New York City, NY

JeffreyJohanna organizes and runs an outstanding conference. The objective of the conference was carefully considered with her audience in mind and the speakers were wisely chosen. What I thought was exceptional about Johanna’s leadership, was her ability to hold the entire conference together in a unified way so that attendees knew what to do next at all times. Of course, Johanna’s natural way of connecting people to one another makes her conferences an important business networking opportunity. ~ Jeffrey Shaw – Jeffrey Shaw Coaching, Miami, FL

ThomasJohanna Wise is a super-smart dynamo, passionate about her work of helping people transition to work they love and that sustains them. An organizer extraordinaire, Johanna put together a Connect•Work•Thrive conference in New York in 2016 that informed, inspired, and motivated me as well as the other attendees. Her dedication to detail, combined with her warmth and grace, made the conference both illuminating and memorable. She is unrivaled as a connector of people, and anyone who joins Johanna’s network will benefit–both business-wise and in ways that cannot be measured. ~ Thomas G. Fiffer – Ethics at The Good Men Project

StacyTrue to her word, everyone was connecting and thriving. The Connect-Work-Thrive conference was extremely well organized, effective and impactful. Each workshop was tailored to the given audience and beneficial to the participants. Johanna has created a community between everyone that attended and continues to support attendees and the speakers. It was truly an honor to be a part of this special day! ~ Stacy Francis, CFP, CDFA, CES – Francis Financial, Inc. – Savvy Ladies, Recognized by AdvisoryHQ as one of the Top 10 Best Financial Advisors in New York, New York City, NY

KarenJohanna has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she’s happy to impart! She is incredibly creative and intelligent and is always available with great ideas to help me move my business forward. We related particularly well as former Stay-at-Home mothers who became entrepreneurs once the kids were out of the house. Working with Johanna on Connect/Work/Thrive was an invaluable experience. Despite the fact that she was across the country planning the event, the summit came off without a hitch. I am delighted to recommend Johanna! ~ Karen Bigman – CEO, The Divorcierge, New York City, NY

FranI was a recent panel speaker at a Connect-Work-Thrive conference that Johanna Wise organized and held in New York City. I was impressed by the scope of event, and by the professionalism she brought to the day. Johanna is a true professional, and I look forward to future collaborations with her. ~ Fran Trelease – President at Boom Den, LLC

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