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Why Attend a Find Work You Love™ Conference?

  • Interactive Career Workshops
  • 1-on-1 Career Coaching
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  • Headshot Photographer Onsite
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I had been trying to re-launch my career for many years and had been unsuccessful. I have to thank you for listening to me and even before the conference connecting me with high quality FREE training programs and job placement experts who have already sent me leads – I can see the money I spent on the Connect•Work•Thrive Conference is well worth it.
Ariadna W.
Riverside, CT / Spring 2016 New York City Conference participant
I just received a call from the Tesla recruiter, and they offered me a position. That’s very exciting. I have been using a lot I learned at your conference, in particular to be more clear during interviews what I bring to the table — this has helped immensely.
Michael C.
Santa Clara, CA / Spring 2014 San Francisco Conference participant
Thank you for the encouragement and practical support you provided through Connect•Work•Thrive – amazing how much more attention you get through referrals. 10 years and 10 months as a stay-at-home dad – it was worth all the precious moments with my family. I’m happy to be back with a great company doing the work I enjoy. It’s an adjustment for sure just like it was 10 years ago.
Winslow Y.
Redwood City, CA / Fall 2013 San Francisco Conference participant
I got the written offer this morning and plan to start (as CEO) in a week. I’m very excited about the opportunity there.
John F.
Portola Valley, CA / Fall 2015 San Francisco Conference participant