Find Work You Love™
Conference Highlights

Why Attend a Find Work You Love Conference?

You'll get your career back on track step by step - without stress or strain - as you...
  • Apply career counseling, one-on-one-coaching, and career development planning to map out your steps to return to the market and contribute, create value and make a difference again,
  • Use  insights  from professional coaches and industry experts to apply for the right roles,
  • Stand out on LinkedIn with a professional headshot and profile so that recruiters actually reach out to you!,
  • Create a compelling career resume to get you more interviews,
  • Improve your interview skills to get hired,
  • Most importantly, network with professionals just like you and take away your action plan to return to the job market or entrepreneurship!


  • Became CEO at an Alibaba-funded company after a 4 year career gap
  • Found an engineering position at Tesla after a 6 year career gap
  • Created a marketing position at a mid-size company after a 14 year career gap
  • Became VP of Sales, transitioning from a mid-level consulting position
  • Started their own companies
    This conference provides you with the career development planning and assistance you need to jumpstart your career – all you need to do is register!

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