Make That All-Important Connection

Connecting with others

How do you reach out?

Do you reach out to friends and colleagues, incredibly excited about connecting or contributing to their cause, only to receive a lukewarm response?

When someone reaches out to you unexpectedly, do you react in a less-than-welcoming manner?

The reasons for these reactions are endless: you are in the middle of a meeting or conversation and do not want to be interrupted, you expected to hear from someone else, you can’t place who exactly this person is, you have A MILLION other things to do, besides engage in this conversation.

Any yet – you invited this person into your life by responding to the request to connect – and this person has something to offer you!

is the interaction you are having at this particular moment –
the NOW.

How many opportunities do we miss because we are not receptive to the unexpected gift?

How many opportunities do we miss because the communication style or timing does not fall on our “straight line trajectory of success?”

I’m a natural connector. I love to create “a greater whole” with others – I do not believe life is a zero sum game. I believe collaboration leads to a larger pie we can all share. As such, I gladly connect with people to support their dreams.

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