The Art of Acing the First Impression

The Art of Acing the First Impression

Your First Impression is Important

You know instinctively that your first impression is important.

And the supporting evidence is clear.

Research shows that first impressions solidify within the first 7 to 17 seconds of meeting. There is more… in a study of 2,000 managers, 33% knew within 30 seconds whether or not they were going to hire someone. Studies also indicate that 55% of the time, first impressions are based on how an individual looks, the way they act, and how he or she walks through the door. Your image matters a great deal!

Your look should be current, polished, and appropriate for your field. This reflects the realities of today’s quickly changing job market. It indicates you are confident, skilled, and at the top of your game.

Where do you first meet your potential employer?

What’s not so obvious is that the first time a potential employer or client meets you is likely to be through your Social Media profile!

Most employers review your LinkedIn profile before they consider inviting you for an interview. So, the first impression that a potential employer forms of you will likely be your headshot on LinkedIn.

What first impression does your headshot convey?

Take a look at your headshot and answer honestly…

Does your headshot convey to business professionals, executives, and the world that you are a professional who is ready to make a positive impact at their company?

Hint… If you are jumping in the air, picturing a family member or pet, wearing a disguise, or out of focus, your headshot needs to be updated!

Make sure you choose a professional headshot photographer.

And, if you need our help…

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