Avoid the 3 Big Mistakes that Cause Career Transitioners to Lose Focus, Energy, and
Not Find the Work They Seek

Clara Chorley

Desires and priorities shift and change as the years pass, and often we find ourselves waking up to a longing for areas of our lives to be different.

Many people long for work that fulfills them on multiple levels,  including making a positive difference and expressing their capacities and potential for an organization that cares about more than just profit. Others want to start or expand their own business and aren’t sure how.

Wanting professional change and actually taking the necessary steps are two very different things, and the smartest most qualified career transitioners often make mistakes that get in the way.

The longer it takes, the harder it is to maintain focus, energy and motivation. Over time, taking steps results in little or no progress, obstacles appear that seem impossible to get around, and a sense of stuckness can start to settle in.

Work fulfillment is largely determined by these things:

  • Making sure what you’re doing aligns with your personal values and priorities
  • Knowing how to strategically identify, access, and utilize resources and connections
  • Being willing to grow, change, and adapt
  • Being willing to ask for help.

Understand how to avoid the 3 Big Mistakes
, gain insight into how you are getting in your own way, and learn practical steps to get out of the way
: Energy, Inspiration, and Clarity will get you moving again!