Nature’s Reinvention MAP: Find Your Career Calling at Any Age

Rikk Hansen

Has work that used to be satisfying lost its spark? Do you feel an insistent nudge that there’s something more you were born to do? 

Drawing on 30 years’ experience as a career and leadership coach, Rikk shares 5 keys from nature’s wisdom that redefine the path to vital and fulfilling work – to a career that’s really your calling. You’ll learn:

  • Why what used to work isn’t working anymore – and how to get the spark back
  • The #1 mistake that keeps professionals stuck when making a big career change – and what to do instead
  • How to find new clarity, purpose, and passion – to fuel a next career chapter that’s more alive and fulfilling

    Gain a freeing new map for growth and success that’s both ancient and cutting-edge, leading to a next career path that lights you up – supporting the LIFE you want while making a difference you care about.

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