Harness the Power of Public Relations to Start and Grow Your Business and Your Personal Brand

Stacy Francis , CFP
Sunaina Mehra

Are you ready to start your business?

Public relations is one of the most important ways to grow your business and brand yourself as an expert in your field.

The right PR plan can help you build your credibility, gain recognition, attract new clients, all while providing free marketing for your business.

Stacy and Sunaina will discuss the tactics you can use to create a PR plan that supports your business goals, increases retention and referrals, reaches a broader consumer base, and enhances your credibility on a local and national level.

You will walk away knowing how to:

  • Perfect your “personal story” and “elevator pitch”
  • Understand what public relations is and the different tools available to you
  • Effectively use the press and media outlets to market yourself and your brand

With these practical tips, you can launch your business today.