Look Fabulous on Social Media

Barry Morgenstein

Are you marketing yourself as well as you could be?

The addition of a fabulous headshot to your social media platforms can be exactly the change you need to go from another faceless professional to the face employers, clients, and customers want and need to know.

Research shows that LinkedIn profiles which include a headshot of the subject are seven times more likely to be clicked on than profiles without one.

Displaying a consistent headshot across all of your social media platforms will establish your personal brand and increase your credibility while making you more approachable to others and grow your following as a result.

So complete your picture today with a fabulous photo of you at the incredibly discounted price of $149, and witness the rise in your social media presence as you reap the accompanying rewards for yourself.

On the Summit Registration, make sure to check Yes! next to: “I would like to schedule a professional head shot photograph at the Summit.”