Frances Trelease, MBA
President, Boomer Den LLC

Frances Trelease is the President of Boomer Den LLC, a search firm that matches qualified adult interns to area businesses.

A professional journalist and lecturer with more than 20 years experience, Frances uses her MBA and industry knowledge to help ambitious adults — talented boomers — achieve their dreams by partnering them with new career opportunities and allowing them to write their own chapter two.

Frances, who has taught college classes to returning adults for over 15 years, was first inspired to create BoomerDen by her students. Coming to her with personal stories of lives spent childrearing or working nine to five jobs for years, Frances’ pupils continually expressed their passionate desires to explore new options yet lacked the practical knowledge to turn those desires into realities.

Frances created BoomerDen with her students in mind, and today serves as a guide to those who have come to the bridge but need a helping hand crossing it.

Frances holds her B.A. in Journalism and her M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Connecticut.