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Empathy + Insight: Your Fast Track to a Joyful Life and Career

How would you like to learn a quick 4-step process that releases the stress and emotional charge in any challenging situation in 60 seconds or less?

The answer begins with understanding your feelings and needs.

Example: When preparing for an interview at a firm that appears to offer everything you’re seeking, your amygdala (which controls emotions) kicks into “flight or fight” mode faster than you can think. As adrenaline and other stress hormones flood your body, your heart beats faster, your breathing is shallow, your palms may get sweaty, you can’t think clearly, and your habitual patterns kick in – you worry about stumbling over your words, drawing a blank, wanting to hide, saying something you regret later, or overreacting.

You can stop the negative self-talk in seconds and connect instead with your heart’s wisdom with the powerful yet simple Connection Practice tools.

This skill unites your empathy and insight for accelerated personal and professional growth. Some of the benefits:

  • Stop negative feelings immediately,
  • Maintain emotional balance, even in times of turmoil and stress,
  • Think clearly, which helps you solve conflicts creatively,
  • Experience deeper self-confidence so that you can perform at your very best.

With practice, all of the above can be achieved in as little as a few seconds, when you need it most, such as in the car or the elevator on the way to your interview.

No matter what challenge you’re experiencing, you can access two of your greatest strengths, empathy and insight, to handle it consciously.

Join me and learn how to access your best response to any situation in just 4 steps by utilizing this effective, powerful process grounded in science.


As a court reporter, Ana Fatima Costa observed the consequences of ineffective communication, which resulted in civil and criminal court cases. Although she understood what feelings were intellectually, she was unable to express her own. And needs? No clue. This ignorance resulted in several damaged relationships, getting fired from a job, and three failed marriages. Now as a certified coach and trainer, Ana models a life of ease and connection and provides training in the scientifically-proven processes that result in increased social-emotional intelligence, joy, healthy relationships, and clarity.

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