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Individual Coaching: Uncover Your Hidden Midlife Powers to Remove Barriers to Your Success

Do you:
  • Second guess yourself?
  • Compare yourself to others?
  • Struggle to manage your emotional ups and downs?
  • Want to create a fulfilling and meaningful life that is authentically yours?
  • Have trouble making decisions and discerning what is best for you? 
A fulfilling career is found at the nexus of what you are passionate about, what you are skilled at, and what people will pay you for. As we mature, these aspects of our lives evolve. If you are feeling a desire to move on, or you have been “invited” to move on, or you are re-entering the workforce after an absence, you will benefit from exploring these dimensions. What is most important to discover and expand upon is where are you at this point in your life right now?

Are you seeing and feeling what comes next in a real, full, and rich way? Or are you facing some version of the unknown and feeling somewhat confused, unhappy, anxious, ill at ease, or desirous of something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Are you curious about what redesigning your life and/or your career might look like? I will help you get serious about this and be bold and courageous about this. This is the prime of your life – a time when your wisdom and experience are met with the opportunity to make new life decisions and choose new life directions. This is truly an exciting time of life – surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish.

This is about the big questions at this point in your life. What’s possible? Your greatest achievements may be still ahead of you! 
Schedule a complimentary individual power session with Barbara to overcome a barrier to your success and determine actionable next steps to access your wisdom and better trust yourself and your decisions.

Barbara Mark, Ph.D. is an elite leadership, career, and life strategies coach, advisor, and confidant to senior executives who find it can be lonely at the top. She has been brought into the confidence of thousands of professionals seeking to maintain inner balance while facing diverse external demands, personal ambition, and the desire to feel satisfied and fulfilled personally and professionally.

Barbara has worked with business professionals for over 35 years across all industries from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies as well as non-profits, and has supported their success in the constantly changing landscape for executives.

Today’s environment requires that we work together for the betterment of all. Life serves up many changes, opportunities, and challenges; Barbara’s goal is to help and inspire professionals to face them with courage, passion, grit, wisdom, and grace.

Barbara is a recognized expert on adult development and is a sought-after coach by executives who are looking to make appropriate and actionable personal and professional decisions at critical stages of their lives and careers. She has a deeply held passion for working with those in midlife. Barbara has worked with very senior leaders in every emotional situation along the continuum from the most broken, disappointed, and confused to the most confident, proud and empowered.

Barbara earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Leadership and Human Potential from the Rosebridge Graduate School of Integrative Psychology, a Masters in Integral Psychology with a focus in Adult Development from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a Certificate in Management Development for Entrepreneurs from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and a BS in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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