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Ready to Leave Smallville? Unleash Your Hidden Brilliance

Are you living in Smallville: playing it safe, feeling limited, dissatisfied, or confused? Are you holding back the best of yourself because you are afraid that what you have to offer won’t be appreciated?

So you end up martyring yourself. You feel drained rather than energized by your efforts. And your efforts are mediocre rather than your very best. 

During this workshop you will uncover what makes you truly unique in a way that will change how you look at your career and what is possible for you. We look beyond assessment tools, skills, and strengths to how you are naturally and effortlessly powerful and effective in a way that no one else is. This knowledge and understanding profoundly shifts your sense of what you are here to do and what is possible for you.


Michael Tertes is Founder of the University of Superheros and a coach, mentor, and thought partner to purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders throughout the world. He supports you to discover your Superpowers – your greatest gifts, claim your unique story, and align with your deepest values to create a deeply satisfying and prosperous life and career.

Michael holds a BA in Geography from Clark University, a Certificate in Organizational Development and Transformation from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and a Coaching Certificate from the Coaches Training Institute.

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