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Master Your THRIVE: Time, Health, Relationships, Intentions, Voice, Energy

Learn six key areas in life that must be mastered to live to your full potential, following the “Master Your THRIVE” framework:

  • T ime – Maximize your productivity and accomplish your dreams faster,
  • H ealth – Prioritize your wellbeing to optimize your physical and mental stamina,
  • R elationships – Surround yourself with a supportive social network,
  • I ntentions – Show up in each moment motivated by passionate purpose,
  • V oice – Confidently express your truth, needs, and desires with influence,
  • E nergy – Elevate your vibrations through positive mindset and conscious choices.

Betsy Davidson defines her life as a series of events organized around the purpose of making a difference. This led to over a decade working for incredible contribution-driven organizations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Pacific Whale Foundation, and Walt Disney World. 

On this path, it seemed as though at each step of getting closer to making the difference she dreamed of, the more burnt out she became – as though she had to pick between changing the world or taking care of herself.  

Realizing that internal transformation was necessary, Betsy dove into health and personal development, studying with world-class mentors.  Now, as a Certified Health and High Performance Coach, she mentors individuals and businesses to give and live at their full potential, using her framework “Master Your THRIVE.” Additionally, Betsy holds a BS in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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