Return to Work You Love™
Conference 2018

 Join us on the 10th of October at this year's Return to Work You Love Conference at the Community Foundation of Silicon Valley! 

October 10th, 2018
Community Foundation of
Silicon Valley
1300 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo CA 94402

Why Attend the Return to Work You Love Conference?


You'll get your career back on track step by step (without stress or strain) as you...

  • Apply unlimited career counseling, one-on-one-coaching and career development planning to map out your steps to return to the market and contribute, create value and make a difference again,
  • Use  insights  from professional coaches and industry experts to apply for the right roles,
  • Stand out on LinkedIn with a professional headshot and profile (so that recruiters actually reach out to you!),
  • Create a compelling career resume to get you more interviews,
  • Improve your interview skills to get hired,
  • Most importantly, network with professionals just like you and take away your action plan to return to the job market or entrepreneurship!


  • Became CEO at an Alibaba-funded company after a 4 year career gap
  • Found an engineering position at Tesla after a 6 year career gap
  • Created a marketing position at a mid-size company after a 14 year career gap
  • Became VP of Sales, transitioning from a mid-level consulting position
  • Started their own companies
    This conference provides you with the career development planning and assistance you need to jumpstart your career – all you need to do is register!

October 10, 2018
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Career & industry experts from San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, & Silicon Valley with experience in marketing, sales, product development, research, consulting, banking, law, government, politics, tech, the arts, nonprofits, & much more share successful career transition strategies & tactics.
Join us!
8:30am | Registration, Refreshments, Networking

Throughout the day:

9am | Welcome Address
Recognize and Embrace Opportunities!

Johanna Wise, MBA
CEO, Connect•Work•Thrive™ LLC

My Journey: A.C.T.

Assess and Adapt

“I'm not sure I want a traditional job.”

CONNECT Red Stripe
Connect with My Network

“I’d like to work; what are my options?”

TRAIN Yellow Stripe
Train for What's Next

"Help me fine-tune my skills to up my game!"

10:15am | Break & Networking
11:30am | Break & Networking
11:45pm  | Keynote & Lunch 
Lead YOUR Life, Own Your Career

Jeanny Chai, Two-time Connect•Work•Thrive Return to Work You Love Conference Participant, CEO,, and Author, Out of the Bamboo Jungle: Daughter of Tiger Mom triumphs over mid-life personal shame to achieve authentic success

When Jeanny attended her first Return to Work You Love Conference in 2014, she was a newly single mom to four children. Following the conference,  Jeanny wrote to Connect•Work•Thrive CEO Johanna Wise: "Bravo!  I have great respect for what you have started and your ability to motivate and inspire others. I have decided to pursue my dream and passion - and will be leaving high tech to start a new education movement, that will also engage the parents who are highly educated but want to spend time with their kids. Would you have time to connect with me by phone or in person over the next few days? I am eager to not lose momentum and have a few questions I'd like your thoughts on."

Soon thereafter, Jeanny was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer...

During her treatments, Johanna and Jeanny continued discussions. In 2017, Jeanny attended her second Return to Work You Love Conference. Those three years represented a significant breakthrough about what it means to live the happiness and success she desired. Now, she’s returned to help you live YOUR leadership potential on every level!

2:30pm | Break & Networking
2:45pm | Workshops
3:45pm | Concluding Remarks & Networking

Johanna Wise, MBA
CEO, Connect•Work•Thrive™ LLC


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