Brilliant Answers to Tough Questions

Nancy Gaines

For job seekers who are stumped explaining their career break to:

  • care for family,
  • tend to personal issues,
  • invest time in a startup,
  • travel,
  • study,
  • pursue other dreams.

Are you tired of feeling on the spot when interviewers ask questions about your time away from the “normal” workforce? Want to know the secrets of giving answers every time with confidence and sincerity?  Join Nancy Gaines and discover how to provide amazing responses that position you as the ideal candidate employers must have on their team!

In this action-packed session, you will learn:

  • Secrets to getting selected by employers with your incredible responses,
  • Simple actions to build your interviewing confidence,
  • Surprising ways to stand out among other candidates,
  • Clever techniques to avoid the most common mistakes around discussing work gaps