Nancy Gaines

CEO, Gain Advantages, Inc.
International Podcaster, Women Gaining Wealth Show

Nancy Gaines, PMP, MBA, is an entrepreneur and Management Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies.

As a national speaker, best-selling author, and business expert, Nancy Gaines guides and mentors above average achievers to massively grow their businesses and careers to gain a competitive advantage. She spent almost two decades consulting to IBM’s Fortune 500 clients including AIG Insurance, Shell Oil, Lenovo, Office Max, Clorox, and IBM itself.

Nancy advised these global companies how to run their businesses more profitably through improvements in people management, systems, and processes. She worked in over a dozen industries and six countries; understanding and loving excellent business practices is in her DNA!

Within her own company, Gain Advantages, individuals and business owners work with her to learn how to be successful. She is an expert at guiding employees, entrepreneurs, small business, and corporations through their plateaus and challenges.

Nancy is frequently quoted online, in magazines, and in books as a business expert.

Nancy lives in Denver with her husband and enjoys the Colorado lifestyle of skiing, camping, and hiking.