Kiran Gaind

Kiran Gaind is a certified life, leadership, and parenting coach. She is also an educator, school reform consultant, and coach with two daughters aged 7 and 4. Kiran lives what she teaches by balancing her life, work, and family alongside clients.

Kiran has experienced all the emotions modern parents understand, from isolation and overwhelm to the most exquisite tenderness and joy. She appreciates her modern parenting journey as truly transformational.

Prior to motherhood, Kiran was a teacher leader in the Gates Foundation’s small school redesign of San Francisco’s Mission High School, supported by Stanford University’s School Redesign Network. Because of her role in this successful school redesign which tripled the number of students getting into four year colleges, Kiran was hired as a project manager in Austin’s Office of Redesign, implementing a Gates Foundation-funded and Stanford-supported redesign of all 14 of Austin’s high schools.  Kiran then achieved breakthrough results as a school turnaround coach for urban elementary principals in San Jose, CA, as a consultant and coach with Partners in School Innovation.

Kiran holds a BA in Government and Women’s Studies from Cornell University, Teaching Credentials in Education from UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University, and an Integral Coaching Certification from New Ventures West.

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