The Gravity Between People:
Effective Communication via Social Receiving

  • Turn Transactions into Relationships
  • Convert Adversaries into Partners
  • Transform Colleagues into Champions

Jeannie Kahwajy, PhD, MBA, MS

In this workshop we explore the fundamental science of effective interpersonal interactions and the surprising profit it can create.

Learn about the underlying mechanisms of how we instantaneously create good- or illwill, which allows us to understand how we can either block or invite attention, cooperation, participation, and insight. We will explore our impact on other people’s behavior, learn how we have more control over situations than we typically realize, and understand how we might be working hard yet ineffectively.

Dr. Jeannie Kahwajy will discuss the core elements of interpersonal interactions and show us how this relates to the heart of inspirational leadership, negotiation, team building, and innovation. She will share with us a communication model that has proven to create high-performance relationships.

We will learn how to change from motivating to inspiring ourselves and others and how our intentions and behaviors can go from good to great, producing even better outcomes than we thought possible.

This is a scientific and systems approach to interpersonal interaction and the facilitation of learning which is at the core of how we relate and achieve.

Whether we are positioning ourselves to make our best contributions and to be heard or endeavoring to integrate new members or to create a culture of ongoing innovation, the underlying skill of social receiving offers a productive template for being heard, for learning, and for successfully managing through difficulty and difference to achieve breakthrough results.

One person is sufficient to initiate an upgrade—and that person can always be YOU. Fundamentally, this is a life skill within reach of us all, relevant to improving our effectiveness in our professional as well as personal lives. It is a skill that must and can be learned if we are to achieve our full potential and help others to do the same. 

“If you don’t get the people part right, nothing else will matter.” -Dr. Jeannie Kahwajy

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