Haters Gonna Hate

Haters will give you feedback that you are wrong; stay the course

Have you ever been the target of people who seem to get their jollies from making others feel badly, to be left wondering “what did I do to evoke such venom?”

Have you put yourself out there in a business meeting or volunteer opportunity or on a directors’ board, written a blog, been featured on a podcast, shared your vision, thoughts, plans, dreams – only to be slammed with unhelpful, unproductive, or even hateful feedback?

Here’s what I’ve learned: this experience is about others’ fear and insecurity when encountering unfamiliar journeys and goals.

Constructive feedback is possible after engaging with and acknowledging someone’s point of view, and then sharing a point of view which may differ due to:

  • different life experiences,
  • optimizing different factors,
  • valuing different outcomes,

none of which are wrong – they are simply DIFFERENT.

The only control you have is over your own actions, so surround yourself with supportive, accomplished, positive people.