Where is Indecision Prison – Are You Stuck There?

Do something!

What kind of decision maker are you?

By nature, I am slow to make a decision and quick to act. I am a data and info junkie, doing tons of research prior to making a commitment.

Once I make a decision, I act upon it. Does that mean I always make good decisions? Heck no! I’ve made some awful decisions resulting in sizable expenditures of time and money with little reward.

Know what I received? An education. By acting I learned something. Every mistake eventually led me to greater understanding and a wonderful solution I only discovered as a result of my interim actions.

Do you seek a career change? Do you fear that since others have been working in that industry for years and are more experienced, you will not be able to succeed, be valued, or be appreciated?

Are you interested in re-entering the workforce after a career break? Are you overwhelmed by the feeling that you will no longer have enough time for your family, volunteer opportunities, or other pursuits?

Fear Is a normal part of the career change process, which often morphs into self-doubt, inactivity, and paralysis.

How can you overcome your fears and move on? Assess the risk!

  • What advantages will you gain from this change?
  • What’s the worst that could happen and what would you then do?

Once we do a concrete analysis, most of us learn that our fears are greater than the reality of what might transpire. Most of what we fear never occurs.

Take some steps to get started. Share a blog about your goals. Discuss your interests with friends, family, and your network. Spruce up your LinkedIn profile and resume. Reach out to alumni organizations, career centers, and career coaches. Speak with me!

Most importantly, DO SOMETHING, because inaction, which is doing nothing over and over again, will definitely not move you ahead.

Ready to take concrete steps to get started? I can help: http://www.meetme.so/CWTclient