Do You Love Your Job? Does Your Job Love You?

I Love My Job, My Job Loves Me

Job satisfaction parallels successful personal relationships:

  • Identify your standards, your needs, and your wants,
  • Commit to them, and
  • Clearly communicate them.

When we take shortcuts or transform ourselves into what we believe someone else wants – well, we all know what a disaster that is. It’s simply not sustainable.

So why do we do so when seeking employment? Why do we write our LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letters to fit a job description? Because that’s what we believe will get us the job.

In reality, sharing our authentic selves may narrow down our job choices, but it leads to opportunities that are a better fit – where we’re happy and feel energized and motivated.

Core values reside deeply within each of us. They demand attention. They define us. 

As you recognize your values and learn how to properly prioritize and communicate them, you begin to see things differently, in turn seeing positive change in:

  • your work,
  • your family, and
  • your social life.

Your values are what drive your life.

Have you set core values that you live by?

You make your best decisions when you understand and incorporate your personal core values into your daily life, including your career. Connect with us and we’ll show you how: