Leverage Your Opportunities!

leverage your opportunities

Don’t Miss Vital Opportunities Grow your business or find a new and exciting job at little or no cost. Don’t miss opportunities to leverage these free or low-cost resources. Have you read Adam Grant’s book Give and Take? According to Grant, the world is made up of Givers, Takers, and Matchers. Givers (like me) garner joy by sharing their gifts with others, Takers get joy receiving as much …

What is Holding You Back?

The only thing standing between you and your goals is your story

Pat* called me after carrying my business card for over a year. She had found it on a bulletin board, along with an invitation to a Connect•Work•Thrive Career Transformation Conference. During the year, Pat read and reread the card and invitation, checked the website regularly wanting to connect, but just not feeling ready – something was holding her back. She had been out …

7 Ways to Successfully Change Careers

Career Change

Career Change Managing your career change is difficult. Here are seven ideas and strategies to start your career transition process: You need to acknowledge job change won’t be quick and there will be peaks and valleys Practice risk taking on small things to build up your comfort zone for a big career change Share your goals with people in your life …

Super Bow ‘L’ — Who’s Got Your Number?


When in Rome Super Bowl 50 demonstrated an aversion to the letter L. For the first time in Super Bowl history, the National Football League shunned the traditional use of Roman numerals to record this mighty progression of annual pigskin fests. This year’s league made a choice to name the game using Arabic numerals. What’s this all about? Why should …

Commitments: Are You a Bulldog or an Opportunist?


Are You a Commitment Bulldog? Once I make a commitment, I move heaven and earth to fulfill it. I am a commitment bulldog. I want others to see me as a dependable, accountable, and competent individual. When others do not live similarly, I feel disappointed or angry. Typical examples include: Things have CHANGED “I can’t meet you today because I’m exhausted …

“But Today is My Day – Sorry Guys”

career development planning

A Career Development Tip From A Recent Sports Lesson Tennis Pro, Roberta Vinci beat Serena Williams at the 2015 US Open Semifinal in a stunning defeat. At the time, Everyone underestimated the unseeded Vinci. When Vinci won, she declared: “But today is my day – sorry guys.” Why offer an apology? What a monumental feat! Termed “aging” by the press, …

A Painful Truth About Career Gaps

career consultant

A Paradigm Shift I underwent a paradigm shift while organizing a conference to help job seekers with career gaps find employment. I reached out to a prominent career consultant, inviting him to speak at our Connect•Work•Thrive Return to Work Career Transformation Conference. He replied that he would be willing to discuss generically how to prepare for the job market but did …

Reinvention Creates Career Opportunities

business reinvention

Career Opportunities are Everywhere I recently spoke with a friend and mentor, who has been providing invaluable insights and encouragement for my business. We were talking about job opportunities. He stipulated that the best job opportunities present themselves to those in their 30s and 40s. Well, I think Career opportunities are all around us. Businesses that survive reinvent themselves all the …

Embracing Change – Positive Redirection

Positive Redirection

Embracing Change When I make a change in my life, I have been much more successful heading TOWARDS a target than running away from something. It is easier to move in a positive direction than away from a negative situation.